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Identity theft or credit card theft is a fast growing problem. Current reports estimate that almost one in ten of the population has fallen prey to identity theft. By using different means to assume your identity and impersonate you, these criminals and impostors commit fraud and theft – all in your name. Identity theft takes place when someone misuses your ID to get loans, credit, services and even mortgages using your name.

It can have devastating effects on your credit report and it would take years to completely re-establish and repair your report. So, it is better to be cautious than to wish you had been later. As the saying goes, “Better safe than sorry”.

Ways To Fight Identity Theft

If it happens to you, identity theft can be an alarming and utterly devastating experience. You may be unaware of its occurrence for months or even years! Here are some simple ways to protect your privacy and combat the threat of identity theft:

Spotting a scam in its early stages will greatly help in diminishing the harm it causes. Whatever the case may be, make sure you contact the police or authorities as soon as you suspect that you have fallen prey to identity theft or credit card theft. The sooner the authorities are informed, the better are your chances of preventing a financial disaster from taking place.

Credit Monitoring is the best way to protect your credit from Identity Theft

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